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White Paper

Advancing the Maturity of Your Hardware Security Program

Where Are You Today on the Hardware Security Maturity Model? Hardware security is a journey. LEVEL 1: FoundationalDefine security requirements and validate hardware security features are working with functional verification. LEVEL 2: BasicIntroduce threat models and security verification requirements while also enabling hardware protection mechanisms. Ad hoc security verification begins […]

Cybersecurity is a Journey

Hardware Is the Foundation of Your Security Posture Due to the inability to ‘patch’ silicon, failure to identify and remediate hardware vulnerabilities early comes with catastrophic consequences. However, most of the focus and investments in cybersecurity have historically been on device software and its administrators, not on securing the underlying […]

Detect and Prevent Security Vulnerabilities in your Hardware Root of Trust

Computer hardware is omnipresent, with more than one trillion semiconductor devices sold in 2018. Such large growth in the number of semiconductor devices is driven by many factors, including the rapidly expanding sector of the Internet of Things (IoT), which has resulted in the proliferation of simple microcontrollers in all […]

Measurable Hardware Security with MITRE CWEs

Today’s complex systems, controls, and processes have made securing information across a broad range of applications in the automotive, datacenter, edge computing, and aerospace/defense markets a challenge. Most of these systems have potentially vulnerable software and hardware including ASICs, SoCs or FPGAs. Ensuring that the hardware devices our softwares run […]

Building a Robust Hardware Security Program

Chips and the Products That Rely on Them Are Everywhere Semiconductors are now a daily part of modern life. They power sensitive military equipment and enterprise infrastructure, including many with low to zero tolerance for security risk. Even everyday consumers rely on silicon to improve their professional and personal lives […]