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Affirms Cycuity’s hardware security verification solution and engineering processes comply with cybersecurity standard for road vehicles

SAN JOSE, Calif. — July 11, 2023 — Cycuity, Inc., an innovator of semiconductor security solutions, today announced that its Radix security product and engineering processes are now certified as compliant with ISO/SAE 21434, a standard focused on the cybersecurity risks associated with the design and development of automotive electronics. This accreditation, issued by TÜV SÜD, makes Cycuity an early adopter of the standard.

The comprehensive assessment of Cycuity’s policies and processes confirms that they comply with the security-by-design approach outlined by ISO/SAE 21434. The standard provides a framework for protection against cyberattacks by defining specific cybersecurity engineering requirements for the development process, including secure coding practices and robust cyber risk management.

Cycuity has long been focused on reducing the cybersecurity risk of hardware installed in all electronic components and devices. “As cars become increasingly connected and vulnerable to an emerging range of cyberattacks, it’s crucial that automotive suppliers have a partner they can trust to ensure their semiconductor chips are compliant with the latest safety and cybersecurity standards,” said Dr. Mitchell Mlinar, Vice President of Engineering at Cycuity. “This milestone certification is a testament to the strength of Radix, our hardware security solution, and the secure-by-design approach it offers and is built upon. The certification demonstrates to our customers that we’re committed to helping them meet these rigorous standards quickly and effectively.”

With achievement of this certification, Cycuity’s Radix technology further enables automotive chip suppliers to efficiently demonstrate their own compliance with ISO/SAE 21434. Radix provides a systematic approach to the hardware security verification process and simplifies the data collection necessary to demonstrate cybersecurity compliance with evolving standards.

About Cycuity

Cycuity is a cybersecurity company that provides security assurance for semiconductor chips, a rapidly emerging target for remote cyberattacks. Cycuity’s security solutions enable comprehensive, scalable, and traceable security verification to ensure the chips powering our modern electronic systems are developed securely.  Similar to the DevSecOps approach for software, our Radix technology integrates automated security assurance at every step of the hardware development lifecycle so organizations can detect and mitigate vulnerabilities before manufacturing. Cycuity is headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more, visit