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Semiconductor chips drive our everyday lives – and our global economy – in more ways than any of us could have envisioned when Tortuga Logic was founded in 2014. And similarly, the importance of hardware security has grown dramatically beyond what anyone could have predicted at that time. This has led us to redouble our effort to help the industry develop trustworthy products in the next phase of our company.

I’m pleased to introduce you to Cycuity, a company that is uniquely capable of helping organizations that build or rely on semiconductors chips deliver secure products.

A new identity and an elevated urgency

Hardware security practices have existed for decades. For example, in the 1980s, when smart cards were introduced for our bank and credit cards, ensuring the security of integrated chips was key to their acceptance and adoption. Yet, it is only in recent years that the urgency to protect the semiconductor chips that we rely upon for so many facets of work and life has received the attention it demands.

Two major industry trends are driving this. First, a rapidly increasing number of semiconductor chips include direct hardware support for security – dramatically increasing the attack surface for potential intruders. And second, the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities uncovered in 2017 taught us that chips can be attacked remotely. Since then, the number of new published hardware vulnerabilities has exploded – creating unprecedented urgency to act.

We’re committed to leading the industry’s response at this pivotal moment. To do so, we are shifting our company into high gear and beginning a new phase – with a new name to go with it! Through our laser focus on hardware and product security, Cycuity provides the missing blueprint the industry needs to build secure electronics that stand up to the demands of today’s fast-changing threat landscape.

Our unique foundation

At Cycuity, we help customers implement proactive and systematic security programs that extend across every step of their hardware development lifecycle – from creating security requirements to driving security signoff.

Cycuity’s Radix platform unlocks a deep understanding of the security behavior of any chip design. It makes it possible to locate where all sensitive and secret data assets reside and travel to throughout the chip’s operation. This foundational technology is leveraged to:

  • Develop succinct and verifiable security requirements in a rigorous and systematic manner
  • Create an automated security verification process with unmatched coverage that extends from block level to system level, including software – and spans the entire development lifecycle
  • Establish concise, metric-based security oversight during development and at security signoff before tape-out

Our unique approach helps product companies act proactively by discovering and correcting security issues before it’s too late. It also makes it easier for supply chain partners to collaborate on secure product development with shared best practices and full transparency.

The journey ahead

We are extremely proud of what we’ve created – and the impact we are already making for our customers – but we are far from finished. Our team’s important work over the last eight years will serve as a basis for the even greater innovations that are required to secure the hardware-enabled products and services of the future.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the employees, customers, and partners who have made Cycuity what it is. Today, I look forward to beginning this next chapter alongside you.