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Tortuga Logic’s Radix Series Bolsters Firmware and System Security

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tortuga Logic, a cybersecurity company specializing in system-level security, today announced a licensing agreement with Xilinx Inc. Under the license, Xilinx will use Tortuga Logic’s Radix™ series of security verification solutions to provide best in class security for the Xilinx programmable system-on-chip (SoC) portfolio.

“System-level security is becoming increasingly important across aerospace and defense, automotive and the datacenter,” says Jason Oberg, CEO of Tortuga Logic. “There is a big industry shift to new techniques to detect and prevent vulnerabilities as early as possible, including hardware. Tortuga Logic is thrilled to work with an industry leader in security like Xilinx to provide the necessary capabilities for them to build the devices that best serve the security needs of their customers.”

Increasingly, SoC designers are using hardware roots of trust (HRoT) to function as the basis of security for an entire system, providing critical functions like key management, device identity authentication and run-time monitoring. As a result, compromises in the HRoT or its configuration can leave designs vulnerable to devastating system-level exploits. Tortuga Logic’s Radix products are security solutions that identify system-level vulnerabilities arising from the integration and deployment of HRoTs, effectively thwarting unprivileged access to confidential data, unauthorized access to keys used to authenticate boot images and undetected system architecture security gaps.

Designed to be integrated with commercial pre-silicon simulation and emulation systems, Radix is the industry’s first automated platform capable of targeting firmware misconfigurations that leave SoCs vulnerable to security breaches. Since systems cannot be thoroughly secured unless vulnerabilities are identified in both the firmware and hardware, Radix simultaneously performs security validation of firmware while running an entire software stack on the hardware.

“Our firmware configures the hardware roots of trust and its surrounding system, so it is imperative for both features to undergo a stringent security verification process,” says Gaurav Singh, corporate vice president, Silicon Architecture and Verification, at Xilinx. “Tortuga Logic’s Radix series addresses our need for concurrent firmware and hardware validation to ensure we deliver the most secure products to the markets we serve, including aerospace and defense, automotive, and datacenter.”

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Founded in 2014, Tortuga Logic is a cybersecurity company that provides industry-leading solutions to address security vulnerabilities overlooked in today’s systems. Tortuga Logic’s innovative hardware security verification platforms, Radix™ enable system-on-chip (SoC) design and security teams to detect and prevent system-wide exploits that are otherwise undetectable using current methods of security review.

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