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Embedded Insiders Podcast: Verifying the CHIPS Act and Emerging Security Standards

On this episode, the Insiders are joined by Andreas Kuehlmann, Executive Chairman and CEO of Cycuity, formerly known as Tortuga Logic, to discuss the importance of security at the chip level amidst the release of new standards and recent government involvement in the semiconductor industry via the much-talked-about CHIPS Act.

Cybernews Feature: Andreas Kuehlmann, Cycuity CEO

Featured on Cybernews Software often seems like the most important thing that makes the digital world go round, but we often forget that hardware is also in the picture. And as we make sure to secure our digital lives with password managers, virtual private networks, and whatnot, few tend to […]


Tortuga Logic Rebrands as Cycuity

Addressing Evolving Needs in Product Security SAN JOSE, Calif. — June 22, 2022 — Tortuga Logic has officially changed its name to Cycuity, introducing a brand identity that marks a new phase in the company’s growth. Cycuity will expand the scope of its vision to support more holistic product security […]

CEO Interview: Andreas Kuehlmann of Tortuga Logic

You may remember Andreas from his time at Synopsys, where he led the new Software Integrity Business Unit. He joined Tortuga Logic a couple of months ago to lead the company. Given his background in software security, I was eager to get a CEO interview… Read the full interview on […]

Fundamental Changes in Economics of Chip Security

June 10th, 2020 – By: Ed Sperling: Protecting chips from cyberattacks is becoming more difficult, more expensive and much more resource-intensive, but it also is becoming increasingly necessary as some of those chips end up in mission-critical servers and in safety-critical applications such as automotive… Read the full article.