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Advancing Defense Tech Security

Deploy Radix for robust defense for microelectronics security assurance


Challenges in protecting sensitive aerospace and defense systems against advanced persistent threats and ensuring compliance with military-grade security standards.Securing complex electronic systems against state-level cyber espionage, safeguarding mission-critical applications, and maintaining the integrity of defense technology in hostile environments.

Protecting Mission-Critical Applications

Aerospace and defense missions rely on the uncompromised performance of their applications. Ensuring these systems are invulnerable to cyber intrusions is paramount to national security and operational success.

Meeting Security Standards

The defense sector is governed by stringent security standards that require comprehensive and up-to-date verification methods to ensure all electronic systems are safeguarded against both known and emerging threats.

Complex Threat Landscape

As aerospace and defense systems grow more interconnected, the cyber threat landscape becomes increasingly complex, exposing critical systems to sophisticated cyber-espionage tactics.

How Radix Addresses Mission-Critical Applications


Fundamental to the security of IoT, automotive, and datacenters is the security of the SoCs that power them. Verify the security of increasingly complex SoCs with Radix.

Roots of Trust

Hardware roots of trust have become the foundation of semiconductor security. See how you can build a more secure system with hardware security assurance from Cycuity.


Microcontrollers are responsible for the core functionality of embedded devices in consumer electronics, cars, medical devices and more. Securing their operation is critical for product safety and security.

Application Processors

Modern microprocessors are core to the applications that power cars, data centers, and mobile phones. As their performance has grown, so have their vulnerabilities.


The industry’s formal list of common hardware weaknesses is the Common Weakness Enumeration, a list created and curated by MITRE. For organizations seeking a “secure by design” approach, testing against the CWE list is critical.


As regulations evolve to keep pace with innovation, ensure that your hardware not only complies with existing frameworks but is also resilient against future hardware security challenges.

See How Radix Can Improve Your DefenseTech Hardware

Fortify Aerospace and Defense Hardware Security with Radix for Mission-Critical Reliability.