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Addressing Compliance needs for Hardware

Navigate the Complex Landscape of Hardware Security Compliance with Confidence

Next-Level Hardware Security Compliance

Radix systematically aligns product development with top-tier security regulations, ensuring your hardware meets global compliance benchmarks.

Automotive Cybersecurity ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance

Challenge: Automotive systems increasingly rely on interconnected electronic components, making compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 standards for cybersecurity critical to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

Solution: Radix ensures that automotive hardware meets the rigorous demands of ISO/SAE 21434. It provides a comprehensive framework to address cybersecurity risk assessment, design, implementation, and testing throughout the automotive development lifecycle, ensuring resilient and secure automotive systems.

CISA Standards Conformity:

Challenge: Adhering to CISA's cybersecurity standards poses a significant challenge, requiring the integration of complex infrastructure protection measures in hardware design.

Solution: Radix provides a framework for hardware designs to conform with CISA standards. Our approach seamlessly weaves critical security features into the development process, ensuring hardware not only meets but exceeds national security compliance requirements.

Cyber Resilience Act Readiness:

Challenge: The EU's Cyber Resilience Act imposes new compliance requirements, mandating robust security features and incident response capabilities in hardware design.

Solution: Radix equips hardware designs with the necessary tools to comply with the Cyber Resilience Act. It aids in secure boot enforcement, trusted execution environments, and secure key storage features that are pivotal for developing resilient hardware capable of countering cyber threats.

HBOM Management:

Challenge: Maintaining transparency and traceability throughout the hardware production lifecycle is critical, especially with the increased focus on Hardware Bill of Materials (HBOM) for security assurance.

Solution: Radix facilitates detailed HBOM management by implementing traceability and transparency measures in hardware security. This process, from design to deployment, ensures a verifiable chain of custody for all components, crucial for security assurance and supply chain integrity.

Achieve Hardware Security Compliance with Radix

Meet ISO/SAE 21434 and Cyber Resilience Act standards with Radix and elevate your hardware’s security compliance.