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Security Assurance for your Root Of Trust

Instill unwavering trust in your hardware’s security from the ground up.

Build Unshakable Hardware Security Foundations

Deploy advanced root of trust mechanisms to establish a baseline of trust for device integrity and authentication in your hardware.

Secure Boot Enforcement

Challenge: In the face of sophisticated threats, ensuring that hardware boots from a secure state is critical to prevent root-level compromises.

Solution: Radix enforces a Secure Boot process, leveraging cryptographic verification to authenticate firmware signatures. This step is crucial for establishing a trusted execution environment from the first instruction the processor runs, preventing unauthorized firmware from breaching device integrity.

Secure Key Storage

Challenge: Key material must be stored securely to prevent compromise, as the exposure of cryptographic keys can lead to systemic security failures.

Solution: Radix integrates Secure Key Storage solutions that store cryptographic keys in tamper-resistant hardware, ensuring they remain inaccessible to both digital and physical attacks. This secure storage is essential for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of encrypted data across the system.

Side Channel Detection

Challenge: Hardware is often susceptible to side channel attacks where attackers glean sensitive information from power consumption, electromagnetic leaks, or other inadvertent side effects of computational activities.

Solution: Radix preemptively thwarts side channel attacks through advanced detection techniques that monitor anomalous signal patterns and power usage. Integrating Radix safeguards your systems against these indirect threats, ensuring comprehensive security for your hardware's operational integrity.

Strengthen Your Hardware's Foundation with Radix

Strengthen device cores with Radix’s Root of Trust: Secure Boot to Trusted Environments for integrity from start