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Protecting System-on-Chip (SoC) Architecture

Advanced protection for the engines driving IoT, Automotive, and Data Centers.

Securing SoC Integrity

SoCs are the backbone of advanced technology across various sectors. Securing them is crucial for system integrity. Radix provides a targeted security verification framework to efficiently protect SoC architectures, ensuring reliable functionality.

Securing Interconnect Access

Challenge: Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data as it travels through the complex interconnects within a SoC.

Solution:  Radix's information flow analysis ensures that all communications across the SoC's interconnects are secure and that critical design assets are protected from improper access or modification.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE):

Challenge: Isolating sensitive operations from the main operating environment is necessary to protect against lateral movement of threats within a system.

Solution: Radix establishes a Trusted Execution Environment within the processor's secure zone. This enclave ensures that sensitive data and operations are partitioned and run in an isolated and secure area, maintaining strict access control and integrity, even if other parts of the system are compromised.

Debug Interface Protection

Challenge: Debug interfaces, while necessary for diagnostics, can become vectors for attacks, potentially leaking proprietary information or altering system behavior. behavior.

Solution: Radix secures debug interfaces, preventing their misuse and ensuring that they do not become entry points for attacks while maintaining their functional purpose for diagnostics.

Enhance Your SoC Security with Radix

Enhance SoC integrity and reliability with Radix: Advanced protection for IoT, Automotive, and Data Centers from design onward.