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Data Centers

Safeguard sensitive and valuable data



Data Centers serve as the backbone of modern computing infrastructure, housing vast amounts of information for businesses, governments, and individuals. Comprehensive hardware security is critical to protect data centers against complex cyber threats that target both physical infrastructure and stored data.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Robust hardware security measures ensure that the integrity and confidentiality of data remain intact. Radix helps verify security requirements preserving the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information across the development lifecycle, and that features such as roots of trust are working as intended.

Data Integrity and Confidentiality

Data centers are subject to stringent regulatory requirements that dictate how data must be managed and protected. adhering to these evolving standards requires a proactive and verifiable approach to hardware security verification, maintaining compliance and customer trust.

Infrastructure Security

Data centers’ physical and network infrastructure is vital to their operation. Security verification plays a crucial role in protecting the underlying hardware architecture of these systems, and reducing the risk of cyberattacks that aim to compromise servers, steal data or disrupt operations.

How Radix Helps Data Center Security


Fundamental to the security of IoT, automotive, and datacenters is the security of the SoCs that power them. Verify the security of increasingly complex SoCs with Radix.

Roots of Trust

Hardware roots of trust have become the foundation of semiconductor security. See how you can build a more secure system with hardware security assurance from Cycuity.


The industry’s formal list of common hardware weaknesses is the Common Weakness Enumeration, a list created and curated by MITRE. For organizations seeking a “secure by design” approach, testing against the CWE list is critical.

Application Processors

Modern microprocessors are core to the applications that power cars, data centers, and mobile phones. As their performance has grown, so have their vulnerabilities.

See How Radix Can Improve Your Data Center Infrastructure

Boost Data Center Resilience with Radix Essential Hardware Security for Uncompromised Reliability.