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Systems-on-Chip (SoC)

Fundamental to the security of IoT, Automotive, and Datacenters is the security of the SoCs that power them.

SoCs are becoming increasingly more complex and highly configurable, making security analysis extremely time consuming, hard to scale, and difficult to measure. A variety of security concerns can come up within an SoC, including:

  • Interconnect Access Control: Modern SoCs use complex buses, interconnects, and networks-on-chip (NoC) to manage the complex communication between subsystems of the SoC. Many of these communications between subsystems require extreme care to protect the confidentiality and integrity of critical design assets. Radix can track design assets across the interconnect to ensure they are not improperly read or overwritten.
  • External Debug: Modern SoCs provide a rich set of debug interfaces to diagnose errors in the field. Unfortunately these same debug interfaces can be an attack vector to extract proprietary information or change the systems behavior for the attackers benefit. Radix can help ensure that information is inaccessible through system debug.

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